neljapäev, 21. mai 2009


1.What is your mother's name.
2.which is your hobis.
3.Do you have a dog
4.Do you have good scores
5.who is your best friend
6.whether all is well
7.'What is your messenger address
8.what's your email addresses are
9.the street where you live
10.did you wanted to come to Estonia
11.Are you scared of dogs
12.The hours at which you will
13.which game you play the most
14.sense, such as whether you're rich... Hhehe

What is your favorite food

16.What's your teacher's name is
17.whether you like to go to school is the weather
19.who is your favorite animal do you feel yourself at home
21.whether you're the best pupil in class
22.Do you like swimming,
23.Do you like football, baseball, and so on
24.whether you play the TV games
25.Do you know the thing as the wii
26.what's your favorite day of the
27.whether you like to fly by plane.
28.when is your birthday
29.Do you like candy.
30.Do you have a lot of computer games
31.whether you like your birthday or New Year's Day32.
Do you like games34.
whether your house is a large36.
Do you like animals
Do you have your own blog
What color is your student ticket
40.Do you have a constant rain rain
41.who is your favorite actor
42.What's your favorite film
43.where your mother works
44.where your father works
45.What's your teacher's name
46.whether you love skiing
47.if you read the newspaper
48.What is your favorite cartoons
49.whether you play the game things
50.What time do you go to sleep in the evening

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